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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How to win at chess?

A lot of articles have been written on how to win at chess , however a lot of these articles are short sighted and detrimental to the development of chess. Usually these articles start out with some cheap opening trap or tactic , followed by some assurance that you will beat your "uncle" or "father" next time you play.

Some friendly rivalry is indeed good for chess , but the problem with these types of articles are , that they give beginners the impression that chess is a shallow game , a game which can be mastered by just learning a few tricks. This illusion of developing into a great player overnight is shattered once players leave their homes and start playing against stronger opposition. Suddenly , it seems like a hopeless position and players quit , long before reaching their full potential. At some level , the "new trick" , better known in chess circles as cheap tactics are not offered on a silver platter , but opportunities can still be created.

Within the last sentence lies the answer as to how one wins at chess...One creates opportunities , or in chess terms an advantage. These advantages can be marginal and in some cases can not be exploited. So the key of winning at chess is creating and advantage and exploiting that advantage , to gain a winning advantage.

So how does one gain an advantage? The answer is simple really , you master your openings , spend years on understanding the middle game and just as much time on mastering the end game and while you are doing all of this , you find some time to work on your tactics and tournament/game technique.

After doing all of this , you will be well prepared and be able to outwit your opponents from time to time. It is in outwitting your opponents that you gain this advantage , which you can then try to exploit to create a win.

As you can see , the answer is simple , but the execution is hard. It takes a lot of discipline to become a well rounded chess player , a chess player that wins more games than he/she loses. Oh but do not be fooled , even if you are able to master all of this , you will still lose games , you will still get that hopeless feeling sometimes , the only reward is that it doesn't happen as often as it had in the past.

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