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Monday, 14 October 2013

Handy chess teaching tool

I had been informed about a handy tool for beginners , quite a while ago.
Not sure what it is called , but by the website name I guess "ChessScouter".

So what does this entail?
It seems to be a multiplayer or a single player board , where the player has to move for both black and white. It is not utterly flattering or is it?

As a more advanced player I found no use for this tool , but hiding under all of the knowledge and experience is still the beginner from more than a decade ago. This tool shows forks , pins and attacked pieces on the board. It also allows en passant , something a lot of chess interfaces do not allow.

I remember back when I started out I bought Ultimate Chess and Checkers , it was expensive then compared to what you can get now...however you not move en passant and once I grew I realized that any chess software had to include this as it is a basic skill a lot of beginners lack.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that it also shows legal moves , another handy thing. At some stage we all looked the fool counting the squares that are under check one by one just too make sure we were really checkmated.

All in all a really nice tool for the genuine beginner , but once you have mastered the basics it is time for some proper software. However check it out , it appears that the developer put quite some effort into making it a satisfying user experience  for the chess novice.

Just follow the link:

Post comments of your experience , it is not developed by me nor do I endorse this tool , just thought it is a nifty gadget for beginners...