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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

FICS server downtime

FICS , back up
It appears that the free internet chess server is back up and running again. This after apparently being unlawfully accessed  on the 18th of July , source. This is a big blow to free chess in general.

The issue is not that users suffered inconvenience , but also the fact that private data like emails and passwords are submitted to FICS. Humans are creatures of habit , thus all of a person's accounts could be compromised if the same password is used for everything. This has given me another idea for my blog , which will be unveiled in later posts. FICS is bookmarked in the Recommended links section should you want to visit them.

This should in no way influence your decision to use FICS , but rather just as an update. It is still a great site , which I have used in the past myself. They are still one of the best providers of a free chess platform for online play.