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Thursday, 28 February 2013


It is really almost unimaginable to think that a FIDE rating of 2872 has been achieved. This is no mean feat and translates to a series of very impressive tournament performances. It is however no surprise that the player who achieved this is Magnus Carlsen. He has been gaining popularity for quite a few years now.

He is also one of my favorite players of all time and still has so much to achieve. The only thing I can think of is will it be possible to break the 2900 threshold or has he reached a career high rating. The record for now though is 2872 , an elo which I can only dream of achieving. Luckily I get to appreciate the elegance and brilliance of the games which brought about this incredible elo. Which is only a number , a number not doing justice to the describing of the sheer brilliance right there on the 64 square